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About Me

Hello my name is John Clark, I'm passionate about helping and serving others. I know what it's like to have enough to just get by. I grew up on the westside, of Spokane WA. I was told I slow, it made me feel insignificant, inadequate. I thought I would not amount to anything. I didn't realize, that the key to me reaching my fullest potential, was inside of me the whole time.  Through serving others, I found my true passion in life, which lead me to my purpose.  I'm personally convinced that we are all searching for purpose. This is where Upper Echelon Coaching was birthed. I desire to impact one life at a time by helping others. I was told I couldn't so I did! I rose above who I was and became who I am today!  I want to help others do the same. I want them to see that they can reach the Upper Echelon of their life.

Wellness, Meditation and Health Checklist of Tips in Numbered List Format with a Backgroun
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